How to end a marriage without stress?

When your marriage comes to an final end, you will likely have a true number of things to straighten out with your partner, which might include childcare, cash, housing, along with other possessions and property. This tips recommended by divorce lawyer shall help you to make your further steps.
You as well as your partner could decide:
·    to individual informally, without going to trial
·    to individual by drawing up a new separation agreement
·    to end your relationship formally by obtaining a divorce.
Separating informally
divorce_imageIf you as well as your companion are married, it is possible to separate by a casual arrangement.
You might have a legal responsibility to inform:
·    your benefits workplace, if you're obtaining a welfare advantage such as income-centered Jobseeker's Allowance, income-associated Employment and Assistance Allowance, Pension Credit score or Income Support
·    HM Income and Customs, if you are getting tax credits
·    your local council in the event that you pay council taxes or you obtain Housing Advantage or Council Tax Decrease.
If you as well as your partner agree, you may make arrangements about kids, money, housing along with other house without going to trial. However, any informal set up made when you individual may affect future choices should you choose ever head to court.
A court might switch an arrangement created by a couple of that it considers to be unreasonable or, in the full case of a child, whether it's not in the child's needs.
Separating with the separation agreement
A new separation agreement is really a written agreement between a couple of who plan to stop existing together. It units out how they would like to straighten out financial arrangements, property and arrangements for the kids. Examples of everything you might would like to use in an agreement are:
·    to live separately
·    not really to molest, annoy or disturb another partner
·    to provide financial assistance (maintenance) for another partner. A separation contract would usually say that servicing will minimize if the companion starts living as well as another partner. Any agreement never to apply to courtroom later on for financial support will not count legally
·    to provide financial assistance (maintenance) for just about any children of the partnership.  Any agreement never to connect with a court or even to the kid Maintenance Service later on will not count legally
·    who the kids should live and also have contact with.
The benefit of a written agreement is that it is easier to ensure that you both know very well what has been agreed. In addition, it means that either companion can head to court to improve the order later on. You should consult with a solicitor when drawing up a separation contract, but you should function out beforehand the general places you would like to cover. This can decrease the legal costs. You might get help together with your legal costs.
Judicial separation
A judicial separation is really a way to legally individual from your own partner without divorcing. You might want a lawful separation if:
·    you have religious factors against divorce
·    you have already been married significantly less than a year
·    you want period and area to work out if you need to end the marriage.
The order will not end the relationship so neither partner is absolve to marry again (or enter a civil partnership).
You can't apply for a separation and divorce until you've been married for a minumum of one year. You can find no exceptions to the rule. To obtain divorced the marriage should be recognised as legitimate by local legislation and you also must meet guidelines about how exactly long you've been surviving in the country.
If you as well as your partner both consent to the divorce, that is called an undefended separation and divorce. If among you doesn't consent to the divorce, that is known as a defended separation and divorce.

Benefits of Laboratory Outreach Programs

laboratoryHowever, medical laboratory billing/collections is weak often, at top-performing outreach applications even
When there is one bright place in the revenue image for many health and hospitals systems, it really is how well-run medical center laboratory outreach programs make strong growth in internet contribution and income margin. Due to double-digit growth prices for outpatient and outreach methods, clinical laboratory applications that target office-based doctors can produce impressive outcomes.
“In our annual study of hospital and wellness system laboratory outreach applications,” a significant amount of participating hospitals statement quite strong rates of development in specimen quantity and net collected income,” stated Kathleen Murphy, Ph.D., who's CEO of Chi Options, Inc., located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “We have been regularly surprised at just how many of the better-performing hospital laboratory outreach applications are growing at prices of 12% to 25% each year, sustained over three to even more consecutive years.
Annual Survey of Medical center Clinical Laboratory Outreach Programs
Chi Solutions typically will get survey responses from a lot more than 100 hospital laboratories. This is why these study findings represent solid anecdotal proof a flourishing marketplace for medical center laboratory outreach programs.
Yet, actually the impressive financial and development performance of so numerous hospital laboratory outreach applications across the nation includes a less impressive dimension. As effective as most clinical laboratory outreach applications are at getting in specimens, they are generally seriously deficient within their ability to successfully expenses for lab testing solutions and obtain paid accurately and rapidly by personal and government payers.
This poor performance in laboratory outreach billing and collections was confirmed by the outcomes from the recent national survey of hospital/health system laboratory outreach programs. A complete 72% of medical center laboratory outreach applications admitted to presenting serious collection issues that bring about low net revenue, higher bad debt, and inner efficiencies!
Poor Performance inside Billing/Collections for Medical center Laboratory Outreach
It really is significant that a lot more than seven of each 10 medical center laboratory outreach applications acknowledge serious zero their billing and selections performance. It represents a financial jackpot every right time perceptive clinical laboratory supervisors and pathologists do something to fix this issue.
“At the same time when hospitals and health techniques continue steadily to squeeze down the budgets of these clinical laboratories, it is important for laboratory administrators to increase the bucks they successfully gather from their laboratory outreach claims,” advised Murphy. “It really is why lab supervisors should do something to improve the potency of their lab’s billing and selections department to rapidly generate increased revenue.
“When there is bad news, it really is that too many medical center laboratory outreach applications are forced to utilize their parent hospital’s selection division to bill and gather lab outreach statements,” she said. “Personnel that work in medical center billing departments mean nicely. But they are continuously handling claims for $5,000 and $20,000. Therefore, the $3 and $20 lab test claims which are the breads and butter of the laboratory outreach system are not given exactly the same attention.”
Laboratory administrators that are interested inside boosting the potency of their laboratory’s billing and selection department could be interested to discover that both Kathleen Murphy, Ph.D., and Larry Siedlick will undoubtedly be sharing their strategies and talking about the proven-and fast-approaches you may use to fix most of the problems that exist nowadays in your lab’s billing and selections department.
The pay-off could be more clean claims which are paid initially submission, lower bad personal debt, and increased cashflow from the existing level of claims your laboratory currently submits to payers.
Kathleen Murphy, Ph.D., will show you how exactly to measure the strengths and weakness of one's lab’s present billing and collections department. You’ll learn action actions you can take that rapidly fix that and boost cash flow. You’ll learn to identify and prevent the normal pitfalls in your billing procedures. Murphy will describe a number of different collection techniques and show you how exactly to prioritize them which means that your lab gets probably the most “bang because of its buck.”
Larry Siedlick has powerful info to share equally. He’ll provide methods your lab may use to boost the financial achievement of its outreach applications. Additionally, you will learn how to utilize the lab’s information techniques to supply real-time dashboards that assist managers deliver more clear claims that bring about faster payment by wellness insurers.
The cornerstone of each medical center laboratory outreach program is an efficient billing and collections system. You've got an unique opportunity to straight listen and study from two nationally-recognized specialists on excellence in laboratory billing and selections.
Register today and obtain the most up-to-date here is how to build up billing processes that may improve selections and generate increased income and profitability for the lab’s outreach program.
And don’t forget: You could have everyone on your own lab team participate with you. For one registration just, it is possible to all listen, understand, and obtain personalized answers to queries about your lab’s distinctive needs. Register to ensure your participation now.

General laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopy is a medical procedure which runs on the special surgical device called a new laparoscope to check inside the entire body or even to perform certain operations.
general-laprosurgeryNote: the info below is really a general guide just. The arrangements, and the real way tests are performed, can vary greatly between different hospitals. Follow the instructions distributed by your physician or local hospital always.
Exactly what is a laparoscopy?
Laparoscopy is really a procedure to appearance within your tummy (abdomen) with a laparoscope. A laparoscope is similar to a slim telescope with a source of light. It really is used to light and magnify the structures in the stomach. A laparoscope is exceeded into the abdomen by way of a small slice (incision) in your skin.
A laparoscopy might be done to get the cause of symptoms such as for example abdominal pain, pelvic discomfort or swelling of the stomach or pelvic area. Or, it might be done in case a previous check such as for example an X-ray or scan offers identified an issue within the stomach or pelvis. A laparoscopy enables a health care provider to see clearly within your abdomen. Some common problems which may be seen by laparoscopy consist of:
What's laparoscopic surgery?
In addition only to inside looking, a doctor may use okay instruments which may also be passed in to the tummy (stomach) through another small trim (incision) in your skin. These instruments are accustomed to slice or trim cells, perform sample-getting (biopsies), grasp organs, etc, in the stomach. This laparoscopic surgery may also be called 'keyhole medical procedures' or 'minimally invasive medical procedures'. Laparoscopic surgery may be used for various procedures.
Some commonly performed procedures include:
·Elimination of the gallbladder. That is known as a laparoscopic cholecystectomy sometimes, or 'lap choly', for short. It really is now the most typical method for a gallbladder to become removed, for gallstones which are usually causing pain usually.
·Elimination of the appendix.
·Elimination of patches of endometriosis.
·Removal of elements of the intestines.
·Female sterilisation.
·Treating ectopic pregnancy.
·Taking a new biopsy of varied structures in the abdomen, which may be looked at beneath the microscope and/or tested inside other ways.
In general, weighed against traditional surgery, with laparoscopic surgery there's usually:
·Less pain following a procedure.
·Less threat of complications.
·A shorter medical center stay and a new quicker recovery.
·A much smaller sized scar.
How could it be done?
Laparoscopy and general laparoscopic surgery are often done when you are asleep under common anaesthesia. The skin on the tummy (stomach) will be cleaned. The surgeon or gynaecologist after that makes a little cut (incision) about 1-2 cm lengthy near the belly switch (navel). Some gas will be injected through the slice to 'blow out' the abdominal wall somewhat. This helps it be easier to start to see the organs with the laparoscope that is softly pushed through the incision in to the abdominal cavity. The surgeon or gynaecologist after that appears down the laparoscope or talks about pictures on a Television monitor linked to the laparoscope.
In case you have a medical procedure, a number of separate small incisions could be manufactured in the abdominal skin. These allow slim instruments to become pushed into the stomach cavity. The surgeon or gynaecologist can easily see the ends of the instruments with the laparoscope therefore can perform the mandatory procedure. A far more recent method called single-slot laparoscopy involves working through exactly the same incision by which the laparoscope has been passed and will not require extra cuts to the stomach.
Once the surgeon or gynaecologist has finished, the laparoscope along with other instruments are removed. The incisions are usually stitched and dressings are usually applied.

Bed Bug Prevention to Make Your House Healthy

bed-bugs-preventionIs it possible to treat and get rid of the bed bugs by yourself? Bed bugs are demanding pests to eliminate, given that they hide so nicely and reproduce so rapidly. Furthermore, the egg phase is resistant to numerous forms of treatment, so an individual attempt might not be sufficient to complete the working job.
Treating bed bugs will be complex. Your probability of success depends upon many factors, including:
Extent of the infestation.
Site-specific challenges.
Neighbors with infestations.
Ability out of all the residents to participate.
Achieving proper bed bugs treatment and control may take weeks to months, based on the nature and degree of the infestation, and everyone shall need to cooperate and perform their part.
Before starting, you need to lay out all the steps on a calendar.
Identify the Problem
Inspect infested places, plus surrounding living areas, to find out extent of infestation.
Properly identify the pest.
Gather a sample showing an expansion agent Exit or some other reliable expert inside entomology.
Expansion agents are been trained in pest handle issues and know where you live.
If you have mattress bugs and reside in a flat, notify your landlord, as the models surrounding yours ought to be inspected.
Landlords could have an obligation to take part in treatment. Examine the casing codes and laws and regulations in your area.
Develop a Strategy
Using a new calendar, map out each phase in line with the recommendations in the next sections.
Plan to help keep records through the entire procedure - including dates and areas when pests are located.
Leave period for long-term supervising to make sure all the bed bugs have died.
Keep carefully the Infestation from Spreading
Anything eliminated from the area should be put into a sealed plastic handbag and treated.
Items that can't be treated should end up being put into a sealed plastic material bag and remaining for a protracted period of period to make sure any active bugs are usually dead (study shows variation inside the amount of time needed, but it is often as long as per year).
Empty the vacuum cleaner after each use.
Seal the particular bag and throw it out within an outdoor trash container.
Don't discard furniture when you can get rid of the bed bugs as a result.
If furniture can't be salvaged, discard it responsibly. Destroy it so another person won't become tempted to create it to their home. For instance:
Rip covers and get rid of stuffing from furnishings items.
Make use of spray paint to tag furniture with "Mattress Bugs."
Take steps to possess infested items found as quickly as possible by the trash selection agency.
Prepare for Treatment
Jumping directly into control is tempting, but won't work. Finding your way through treatment is vital to getting successful handle. It will help by rendering it easier that you should monitor for mattress bugs that haven't been recently completely eliminated. This preparation ought to be conducted whether you do the procedure yourself or hiring a specialist.

Summer Hospital-ity Event in Remembrance of Cameron

Hospital staff at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Trust gathered alongside friends and family of Cameron Wahid in East Grinstead on Thursday (28th July) to commemorate Cameron’s life with a summer fete fundraiser.

During one of the summer’s sunniest weeks so far, visitors to the Queen Victoria Hospital’s summer fete enjoyed a variety of attractions, including a magic show and a bouncy castle, and a penalty shoot-out to highlight Cameron’s love of football. A ‘Bake-Off’ influenced cake competition was also held, highlighting the difficulty of finding free-from foods in everyday life. Seven year old Cameron Wahid died last year after suffering an allergic reaction while on a family holiday in Italy.

Together with the hospital, Cameron’s parents Riz and Cassandra organised the event to raise funds for Cameron Wahid Allergy Awareness, and national charity Allergy UK. The couple held the fete as part of their campaign to increase public awareness of just how serious allergies can be.

“This was the first fundraiser we have done at the hospital and we are delighted that it went so well, thanks to the help and participation of the hospital staff and the generous contributions we received,”...

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View New GSN Video Podcasts from SAGES 2016

SAGES President Talks Quality Benchmarks and Technology Dr. Rick Greene sits down with Brian Dunkin, MD, the immediate past president of SAGES to discuss new initiatives, contributions to the quality landscape nationwide and whether technology will get in the way of the human touch. Minimal Access Surgery in the Acute Surgical Patient Dr. Jonathan Pearl […]

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Warning: Current Weather Conditions Can Cause Severe Hay Fever and Asthma Symptoms

Thunderstorms and heavy rain is making the height of the grass pollen season even worse for sufferers. A wide spread public misconception is that the weather we are experiencing will clear the air of pollen and particles. On the contrary such conditions often have the opposite effect – a medical phenomenon called ‘Thunderstorm Asthma’.

The phenomenon is still not fully understood by scientists, but is known to increase A&E visits and ambulance calls.[1]

Amena Warner, Head of Clinical Services, says; “During a thunderstorm pollen grains split up making the particles smaller and more easily inhaled into the lungs. Combined with wind and heavy rainfall this can cause hay fever and asthma symptoms to significantly worsen.”

Some of the primary allergens affected by thunderstorm are grass pollen and mould spores. For people with hay fever and asthma these conditions can potentially cause difficulty of breathing and chest tightening. It is therefore extremely important that people take precautions and manage their allergies right now.

She says; “Most people with hay fever and asthma will feel their normal symptoms, like sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes increase. However, these...

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Limited Space Still Available For All Hands-On Labs at SAGES 2016

Register for These Hands-On Labs at the SAGES Annual Meeting: Wednesday, March 16, 1:30PM – 5:00PM Getting Behind Advances in Colorectal Surgery – This hands-on lab will provide practical exposure to ESD, TAMIS, TEO and TEM techniques of dissection and suturing, under the mentorship of expert faculty. This course is designed for any practicing surgeon […]

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Allergy UK Awards Britain's Unsung Heroes

Unsung heroes make a difference to someone’s life every day; by tackling adversity with courage, showing unrivalled dedication or even taking action to help save a life. Imagine experiencing life-threatening anaphylaxis caused by eating foods you are allergic to; your throat tightens, your breath shortens, while you lose consciousness. For someone with allergy, there could be times when you depend on someone around you to save your life – a friend, family member or even a stranger.

As a patient information charity, we hear so many stories of people in their daily lives going the extra mile to help someone within the allergic community. Now Allergy UK is launching a tribute to these every day heroes by awarding six people with an Allergy Hero Award. These touching stories will be shared and celebrated at an awards ceremony, which marks Allergy UK’s 25th anniversary.

The categories of the awards consist of family member/friend, child, healthcare professional, healthcare team, or community member that deserves recognition for their bravery, courage and/or dedication. It could be a child that has helped their brother or sister manage their allergic asthma, a teacher that has...

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Limited Space Still Available For All Hands-On Labs at SAGES 2016

Register for These Hands-On Labs at the SAGES Annual Meeting: Wednesday, March 16, 1:30PM – 5:00PM Getting Behind Advances in Colorectal Surgery – This hands-on lab will provide practical exposure to ESD, TAMIS, TEO and TEM techniques of dissection and suturing, under the mentorship of expert faculty. This course is designed for any practicing surgeon […]

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The UK Hosts EFA's AGM Led by Allergy UK

For the first time in the charity’s history, Allergy UK hosted EFA’s (the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations) AGM in the UK to represent the 21 million people in Britain with allergies and work in collaboration with patient organisations across Europe. The meeting, which took place on 23rd-24th May at the Davenport Hotel, Greenwich, London identified key priorities to improve quality of care for those with allergies, asthma and COPD.   

As part of the two-day event, over 40 allergy and respiratory patient leaders from 25 European countries attended an AGM dinner meeting at the House of Commons. It was kindly hosted by Member of Parliament, Stephen McPartland, who is the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Allergy, and for Respiratory Health.

Allergy UK’s CEO, Carla Jones said: “It is such a pleasure for Allergy UK to host EFA’s Annual General Meeting. By uniting patient groups across Europe we can influence policies collectively and make direct changes for people with allergies. Not only here in the UK, but all over Europe and by working together we help translate European regulations and initiatives to a national level and...

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Allergy UK Joins Fight Against Soaring Presciption Charges

On Friday April 1st prescription prices in England rose once again. This time with 20p to £8.40 reaching a more than 16.6 per cent rise since 2010. Meanwhile, the residents of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales continue to receive medicine free of charge.

“There’s numerous reasons why Allergy UK has decided to join the fight against prescription charges, but primarily we have joined because the current system is flawed and unfair. If you are diagnosed with long-term conditions like allergy early in life you will often end up paying huge amounts for prescriptions throughout working life. It really isn’t fair, when so many can’t afford the charges and we can see that free prescriptions are working well in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”, says Carla Jones, CEO of Allergy UK.

And it seems the cost of the prescription charges is also taking its toll on both patients and the NHS system. Worryingly, 37 per cent of over 5,000 survey respondents reported that costs prevent them from taking medications as prescribed and three quarters of those were not taking medications correctly due to costs[1]. Surveys and previous research indicate that reducing or removing the prescription...

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The Risks Involving Severe Food Allergies

Following the trial of the tragic death of Paul Wilson, Allergy UK has released the following media statement on the risks involving severe food allergies and anaphylaxis:

"Food allergy, like peanut allergy, can cause symptoms that in some cases are so severe that they result in fatality.

"This causes huge anxieties to people with food allergy, especially when it comes to buying food and eating out. They are also dependent on people around them to either prevent them from being exposed to the food or being able to help them when out and about.

"Food labelling legislation was introduced in December 2014 to help people identify and know exactly what is in their food, such as the 14 most common foods to cause an allergic reaction. Still, accidental exposure may occur.

"A severe allergic reaction (medically termed 'anaphylaxis') happens very quickly and the results can be devastating if not recognised and treated promptly. It is an acute emergency, one that should not be underestimated if someone is having difficulty breathing or feels faint/passes out, after exposure to a food they are allergic to. An ambulance should be called and the person taken to hospital as soon as possible. If...

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Nursery Chefs Busy in the Kitchen Creating Allergen-Free Food

Nursery chefs at one of the UK’s largest childcare providers have been busy creating dishes free from the top 14 allergens as part of their competition to celebrate Allergy Awareness Week.

The chefs at Busy Bees nurseries regularly adapt meals to suit the needs of children with dietary requirements, but during the final of this year’s competition, which took place during Allergy Awareness Week (25th April – 1st May), they were be challenged to produce culinary masterpieces free from all of the 14 top food allergens.

Aside from crafting some exciting new dishes, the competition is also helped raise awareness of the different types of allergies and food intolerances.

Lindsey McManus, Deputy CEO of Allergy UK said: “This is a great initiative by Busy Bees to recognise that children with food allergy want to be able to eat the same tasty, interesting, and nutritious food that their friends have! To develop dishes free from all of the 14 major allergens is a real challenge and we welcome this kind of creativity”.

Melanie Fox, Senior Catering Manager, explained the importance of this year’s theme: “Parents often worry about how their child with an allergy will be cared for outside the...

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Hay fever affects grades: 5 tips to make it through exams

In the midst of hay fever season thousands of young people have exams coming up. That can pose a serious problem for those with severe symptoms as uncontrolled hay fever or medication side-effects can actually have a significant negative impact on exam results. 40% of young people with hay fever symptoms dropped a grade from their mocks and the number rose to 70% for those taking a sedating anti-histamine, in a study based on 1,834 students conducted by Education for Health, 2007.

It is therefore crucial that hay fever symptoms are managed correctly to minimize the risks of them affecting the marks of young people.

Here is what you can do to manage your or your child’s hay fever symptoms as best as possible:

1. Choose the right anti-histamine Choosing the right anti-histamine is highly important as some older, yet popular, brands can be sedative and increase drowsiness. Ask your pharmacist for long acting, non-sedating antihistamines.

2. Treat sooner rather than later The majority of people take anti-histamine medication incorrectly. For anti-histamine to have the optimal effect it is important to take them regularly. So make sure to start hay fever treatment early as pollen...

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Limited Space Still Available For All Hands-On Labs at SAGES 2016

Register for These Hands-On Labs at the SAGES Annual Meeting: Wednesday, March 16, 1:30PM – 5:00PM Getting Behind Advances in Colorectal Surgery – This hands-on lab will provide practical exposure to ESD, TAMIS, TEO and TEM techniques of dissection and suturing, under the mentorship of expert faculty. This course is designed for any practicing surgeon […]

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Allergy UK’s Super Staff Complete Super Hero Run

Super hero culture has delved into the mainstream as some of this year’s most anticipated movies have been reboots, original creations, or sequels from everyone’s favourite comic books. Now the theme has hit the ever-growingly popular world of fun-running, with this Sunday’s Super Hero Run in Regents Park, London.

Two days after World Super Hero Day over 3,000 runners and charity fundraisers, including our Nurse Advisor Holly Shaw and Trustee Sarah Stoneham, and her two children, ran to raise money for allergy sufferers in the UK. Charity devotees and eager runners dressed as everyone’s favourite super heroes, and indeed their villainous counterparts, got involved in the day’s events.

In a fantastic effort for Allergy UK, the group joined others raising money for hundreds of other charities. Friends, families, and work colleagues all joined forces and ran a distance of either 5k or 10k for their chosen cause. Some people went for a light jog, others took it as a challenge, and ran the course. The fundraiser was open to anyone.

Talking about why she ran for Allergy UK, Holly explained “As a Nurse who works for the charity, I observe first-hand the dedicated work and support that...

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Limited Space Still Available For All Hands-On Labs at SAGES 2016

Register for These Hands-On Labs at the SAGES Annual Meeting: Wednesday, March 16, 1:30PM – 5:00PM Getting Behind Advances in Colorectal Surgery – This hands-on lab will provide practical exposure to ESD, TAMIS, TEO and TEM techniques of dissection and suturing, under the mentorship of expert faculty. This course is designed for any practicing surgeon […]

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Charity Warns of Hazardous Driving Risks this Hay Fever Season

As drivers get behind the wheel this spring, Allergy UK is calling for the UK’s 16 million hay fever sufferers to be aware of the potential dangers of driving with the condition. With one in three people suffering from hay fever, many head to the roads with watery eyes and even drowsiness, caused by taking older types of anti-histamine medication.

Having a runny nose, itchy eyes and constant sneezing is not only annoying and unpleasant – it can be potentially very dangerous. This Allergy Awareness Week, the charity is urging those with hay fever to take all the necessary precautions before they jump into the driving seat to ensure distracting symptoms are kept to a minimum.

Allergy UK’s Nurse Advisor, Holly Shaw says: “Hay fever symptoms are not only highly unpleasant, they can also be quite distracting when you drive. Although it may be tempting to take your hand off the wheel to rub your eyes or blow your nose this may increase the risk of having an accident. Just as a lot of people don’t know that taking the wrong type of anti-histamine may cause drowsiness, it is also easy to underestimate how hay fever can affect your concentration when you’re driving.”

A recent small study...

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Charity Warns Allergy Sufferers Face Dangerous Misconceptions

As the charity marks 25 years of supporting allergy sufferers it reveals that despite greater awareness common misconceptions still remain as strong as a quarter of a century ago. Allergy UK found that of 41% of those surveyed, who either have an allergy or have children who have allergic disease, almost half feel their allergies have not been taken seriously or have been dismissed when speaking about it. Shockingly, 39% say they have had their allergy dismissed at work, followed by within the home (35%) and at a restaurant (33%).

The alarming results, which mark the start of Allergy Awareness Week, also revealed that almost a third of individuals surveyed without the condition admit they are sceptical when someone says they suffer from an allergy. The respondents state they have heard derogative terms used to describe individuals with an allergy, such as ‘attention seeker’ (24%) and ‘fussy’ (20%). Despite the fact that allergy can be a chronic and life-threatening condition, 40% say they don’t think allergy is a valid reason to be off work. And almost one in ten (7%), or over 4.4 million, people in Britain do not consider an allergy to be a serious medical condition.


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Potentially Depending on Strangers to Save Your Life

Imagine being so allergic that if your body comes in to contact with an allergen, the reaction can be so severe it can be fatal. This is the reality for thousands of people in the UK suffering from serious food allergies. Every day they have ensure they are not exposed to what for them could be a deadly food, and may have to rely on people they don’t know to spot the signs and potentially save their lives.

Josh Abbott, 24, is one of these people. He is anaphylactic to tree nuts and peanuts, and allergic to wheat and barley. He also suffers from eczema, which can be triggered from the use of perfumed products. All of which have had a severe impact on his life.

“Growing up I got bullied a lot. Kids can be so mean. They thought I looked weird and was afraid my eczema was contagious. I only had a small group of friends I could trust.”

As an adult, Josh has had to tailor his career aspects around his allergies.

“Four years ago I was really excited about getting an apprenticeship at a barbers. Unfortunately I had to quit fairly soon after starting, as the products aggravated my eczema so I couldn’t be around them.”

One of Josh’s biggest wishes is for people to become more sympathetic and...

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Quarter of People with Food Allergies Suffer Reactions When Eating Out

Research by the Food Standards Agency and Allergy UK has found that despite improvements, one in four people with a food allergy has suffered a reaction while eating out in a restaurant or cafe since new allergen labelling legislation came in a year ago. The survey also found that nearly one in five (19%) of those allergic reactions resulted in a hospital visit.

The EU Food Information for Consumers (FIC) legislation came into force in December 2014, and means that food businesses have to make information on 14 allergens available to consumers. This ranges from the most common allergens, such as peanuts and gluten, to less well known triggers for allergic reactions such as mustard and celery. Around 2 million people in the UK suffer from allergies, including 2% of adults and 8% of children.

The survey, which was carried out to mark Allergy Awareness Week 2016, found that overall, 83% of respondents have noticed an increase in measures designed to make life easier for allergic consumers – including menus marking out allergens, and staff actively checking food information with the kitchen. More than half (58%) of allergic consumers said that their overall experience of eating out...

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“I never thought I’d get married�

”I never thought I’d get married”, Pat says, whilst looking at an old black and white portrait of her as a young girl. “I didn’t think anyone would want to be with someone who had skin like mine.”

Pat Owers, 75, has suffered from urticaria and cold urticaria all her life. It is a condition that causes large red and white wheals on the skin, and swelling of her body, especially during hot or cold temperatures. Growing up with the condition has had a huge impact on her social life and affected the perception of her, from her peers.

”I remember when I was a little girl going to the beach and watching the other kids swim and play in the sea. I couldn’t do that. My skin would break out in itchy hives all over my body. It was horrible and I felt so embarrassed. Even today these memories are stuck in my mind and so many years later I know they still affect my self-esteem.”

However, Pat did get married, and her husband John is her biggest supporter. “John means everything to me. His love and support every day means more to me than I can express.”

After living a lifetime with the debilitating chronic condition Pat wishes that people would be more understanding of people with urticaria and...

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When Winter Becomes Your Favourite Season

The sun is out, everything is blooming and children are playing football on a field of gravel. They are laughing, running and kicking up dust and dirt whilst having fun. On the side lines is a boy watching. He can’t take part in the game, because the pollen from the grass and in the gravel stirred up from the game cause him to sneeze excessively and his eyes to swell and water. He is allergic. That boy was Kamesh.

Today Kamesh is 38, Senior Director in an IT company and still highly allergic to grass pollen and house dust mites.

He says: “My allergies have always affected me. They really put restrictions on what I could and couldn’t do as child. Outdoor activities were difficult for me and I almost never participated in team sports. I remember that the other kids used to call me lazy and teased me for always running around with a cloth for my nose.”

As an adult he still finds that his allergies affect his life heavily on a daily basis.

“Because I have several allergies I am affected by them all year around, but spring and summer are definitely the worst seasons. Whenever my neighbour mows his lawn I have to stay inside. Imagine what a challenge it can be to get through a...

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Allergy Mum Raises Over £3,000 in This Year's London Marathon

One incredible supporter has raised over £3,000 on behalf of those with allergies by taking part in the world-famous London Marathon on behalf of Allergy UK.

Katie Kinsella, from Norfolk, took on the challenge on Sunday 26th April, amongst 36,000 runners in the world-famous marathon for the leading national charity supporting those with allergy.

She chose to support Allergy UK after the charity helped Katie and her family through some difficult times. Her daughter, two year-old Evie suffered an anaphylactic allergic reaction after eating a mouthful of yogurt when she was six months old. From that moment, life changed drastically for the family, as they quickly had to adapt to living with the presence of severe allergies. They then discovered she was allergic to many foods including cows’ milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, lentils, and salmon. 50% of children and young people have one or more allergy within the first 18 years of life (Journal of Clinical & Experimental Allergy, 2009), and 6 - 8% of children have a proven food allergy (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, 2011).

“Evie suffers with multiple severe allergies, so it has been a steep...

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Announcing SAGES 2016 Medical Student Scholarship Award Program Winners

SAGES Congratulates Eric Etchill, Hasina Maredia, and Kristin Partain! To read the winning essays and to learn more about the award, visit Here’s what our winners had to say on receiving a free registration to SAGES 2016:  Eric Etchill University of Pittsburgh This award allowed me to attend the SAGES conference, where I was […]

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Save-the Date!

SAGES 2017 MEETING Houston, TX March 22-25, 2017 Program Chair: Horacio Asbun, MD Program Co-Chair: Melina Vassiliou, MD Visit    

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Limited Space Still Available For All Hands-On Labs at SAGES 2016

Register for These Hands-On Labs at the SAGES Annual Meeting: Wednesday, March 16, 1:30PM – 5:00PM Getting Behind Advances in Colorectal Surgery – This hands-on lab will provide practical exposure to ESD, TAMIS, TEO and TEM techniques of dissection and suturing, under the mentorship of expert faculty. This course is designed for any practicing surgeon […]

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